Huddersfield Town Club Partner, Kirklees College, can help ensure that all businesses and their employees feel comfortable going back into the workplace following a significant period at home.

They plan to do this by offering specialist COVID-19 related training that relates directly to the businesses industry.

This training is essential for productivity, security and more importantly, everyone’s safety and wellbeing. Putting control measures in place helps to eliminating any concerns and fears.

HM Government guidance is constantly changing as we slowly ease from lockdown. This can cause confusion making it difficult to understand what we need to do. The law requires businesses to control measures and carry out risk assessments, which isn’t always that straight forward.

Kirklees College’s experienced trainers will include all necessary requirements tailored to your business. They can deliver this training safely at your premises/on-site as this is where the risks will be, rather than carrying it out on-line.

COVID-19 Training includes:

• Personal Hygiene
• Cleaning
• Social Distancing
• Visits off site
• Access/egress and flow around the premises
• Welfare Facilities
• Reporting infection and symptoms
• Shielding and Vulnerable Groups
• Visitors and Deliveries
• Driving
• Contractors
• Mental Health and Wellbeing
• Homeworking

Price £199.00

One-hour sessions for up to eight people on your site. Certificates provided for all individuals as proof of attendance.

Dates available in July and August for those returning to work now September dates also available for those returning later.

Find out more and book email: employers@kirkleescollege.ac.uk.