Eadon Green has today been named the latest winner of the ‘Shooting Star’ award, run in tandem by Huddersfield Town and Lucas Lee.

Watching a TV episode of Poirot, in late 2013, Felix Eaton fell in love with a beautiful 1930s convertible driven by Captain Hastings.

Felix’s interest in 1930s cars was sparked and, after some research, he found several books that showcased French carrosserie houses such as Figoni & Falaschi, Chapron, Pour Tout and the legendary Jean Bugatti. In a brief burst of artistic creativity, these firms created some of the world’s most beautiful examples of automotive art in the final years of the Art Deco period.

He quickly realized that there were very few cars for sale from this inspirational period and, furthermore, that they had become investor pieces more suited to museum life than for use on the roads of the 21st century. If he wanted a modern, reliable and usable car, he would have to build it himself!

Since this realization, the idea to build new cars inspired by the grace and beauty of 1930s Art Deco cars has resulted in three Eadon Green models; Black Cuillin, Zeclat and Zanturi, each presented at Geneva Motor Show in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

He knew from the start that his car would need an identity, but his name, Eaton, was already in use so decided to use the variant spelling of Eadon together with his grandmother’s maiden name, and Eadon Green was born!

The Eaton grant of Arms forms the centrepiece of the logo, making the Eadon Green badge very personal to Felix.

The latest car, Eadon Green Zanturi, in the picture above, is coach built by hand upon a brand-new Rolls Royce Dawn, and customer cars will commence delivery at the end of the year.

Felix Eaton, Managing Director of Eadon Green commented:

“Shooting stars are, by their nature, bright and inspirational and it’s great that local endeavours have these qualities recognized by the HTAFC ‘Shooting Star’ Award. I feel honoured that Eadon Green has been chosen to receive this award as it will show the world just what can be achieved by Huddersfield businesses.

“It’s also great to be following in the footsteps of another Felix, our Huddersfield Station cat, who beat me to the prize!”

Chris Lee Managing Director of Lucas Lee added:

“What Felix has created from scratch is outstanding, a truly amazing piece of art and machinery, I am looking forward to being able to test drive the Eadon Green Zanturi myself.

“I wish Felix all the best for the future with the cars and can’t wait to see what he creates next.”

Sean Jarvis, Commercial Director at Huddersfield Town, said:

“Just from speaking with Felix for a few minutes you can really see the passion he has with his cars and the idea of building them from just watching a TV episode of Poirot, is fantastic.

“I look forward to seeing them on the roads towards the end of this year.”