Match sponsor Absolute Warehouse Services auctioned off a signed Huddersfield Town shirt to raise money for Andy’s Man Club.

The framed signed shirt was given to the local business as part of their Match Sponsor package against Leeds United, but they chose to use it to raise money for a local mental health charity.

The auction for the shirt was available for everybody to participate who were enjoying the day in the White Rose Club and raised a substantial amount of money for Andy’s Man Club. The framed memento was bought by Paul Evans of NRG Fleet Services who were the Man of the Match Sponsor for the day.

Not only have Absolute Warehouse Services sponsored Town games, they are also main sponsors of #HTTV and the Club’s Video Platform.

AWS embraced Town’s Mental Health Awareness game and that’s why they chose to auction the signed shirt they had received and wanted to raise money for Andy’s Man Club.

The Charity was set up in order to get men to open up about their mental health problems, it has now spread from Yorkshire to Lancashire and aims to raise awareness of mental health issues among young men.

Absolute Warehouse Services raised an amazing £400 for Andy’s Man Club through the auction of the framed signed Match Day Shirt and programme.

Huddersfield Town’s Senior Commercial Manager for Hospitality, Tracy Nelson, commented:

“I think it’s absolutely fantastic that Absolute Warehouse Services decided to auction the shirt for Andy’s Man Club.

“They have always backed the Club through different sponsorship deals and to use the signed shirt, which they get as being a match sponsor, to raise money for a mental health charity is truly commendable.”