The Premier Lounge in association with Bowers & Wilkins is one of our newest products which has been introduced as a result of our promotion to the Premier League, and will add a new dimension to our product portfolio. This box offers you luxurious and modern surroundings, with a relaxed lounge feel, with comfortable VIP seating on your private balcony.  This package will be a great way to entertain customers, or simply relax and enjoy with friends or family.

Package Includes

  • Private box for 10 guests in our Premier Lounge in association with Bowers & Wilkins, located in the Revell Ward Stand
  • Superb new VIP seating on your external balcony
  • Unreserved car parking
  • Superb ‘Bowers & Wilkins’ grazing tapas menu pre-match
  • Wine or beers with lunch
  • Copy of the match day magazine
  • Half time refreshments with local Jones’ pies
  • Full time sweet and savoury

Advertising Opportunities

  • Your brand featured on the commercial page in the match day magazine
  • Your brand on the big screen
  • Company name on the official match day team sheet
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Sold Out Price £1,895 +VAT
for 10 guests
Price £1,595 +VAT
for 10 guests