Orchard Group Offers Free Utility Health Check Date: 04/02/2013

Club Partner the Orchard Group is offering fellow members of the Town business community a free Utility Health Check with expert advice to help them find ways of cutting costs.

Keeping overheads low is important for any business and Orchard is offering each organisation in the Town business community a comprehensive utility survey at no cost to them. They will receive a report showing where they can take action to improve efficiency and make savings in their business.

The Utility Health Check will cover energy costs, consumption and usage, waste compliance, expenditure and environmental awareness and a full audit of telecoms services and charges.

“Energy, waste, IT and telecoms represent significant costs for businesses and finding ways to manage these overheads and reduce spending makes budgeting easier and allows for investment in other areas,” explains Gareth Henderson, Managing Director of the Orchard Group.

The Orchard Group’s three businesses are all aimed at helping businesses manage key areas of corporate spending. Orchard Energy advises on energy procurement and efficiency, Orchard Environmental specialises in waste management and compliance and Orchard Networks delivers IT support and telecoms services.

To claim your FREE Utility Health Check call Orchard on 0844 581 0844.