Local high voltage electrical engineering contractor Smith Brothers (Contracting) Ltd has become the most recent business to win the Huddersfield Town’s ‘Shooting Star’ award, held in association with Lucas Lee & Partners.

Smith Brothers has recently moved to new premises at Lowfields Business Park in Elland, having purchased the 10,000sqft property for £700,000.

“We’ve managed to find premises that will accommodate for everything we need now and also for future expansion,” said John Smith, joint Managing Director.

Smith Brothers has seen rapid growth in recent times – turnover has trebled in the last 12 months to £27m and the Company, which currently employs 64 people, is looking to potentially double its staff numbers.

The firm specialises in high power projects up to 132,000 volts, with nationwide clients in sectors ranging from commercial and industrial, to offshore and renewables.

“We’ve got a pretty widespread client base,” John said. “That’s part of the reason why we’re doing so well.

“The renewables market has been very good for us, and even though we’ve seen a bit of a downturn in it this last year, there are new opportunities appearing all the time.”

One of the places Smith Brothers has set its sights on is Ireland. The company has opened an office in Dublin to capitalise on deregulation in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Commenting on this expansion, Mr Smith said:

“There’s a very buoyant renewables market in Ireland. We’ve already negotiated somewhere around about £10m worth of work there, so we feel it’s got some real potential. I think once we get settled down it will become a major source of revenue for us.”

Following this growth, the firm is eyeing consolidation this year.

Richard Smith, John’s twin brother, elaborated on the award win:

“This past year has been a tremendous one for us in terms of growth, so we’re thrilled that it’s being recognised in wider circles too.

“Having support from local organisations is always important – especially for expanding businesses like ours – so we’re very grateful to Huddersfield Town for honouring us.”

Chris Lee, Managing Director at Lucas Lee & Partners added:

“It’s great to see local business doing so well and for Smith Brothers, trebling their turnover and looking at doubling staff numbers is proof of their success.”

Huddersfield Town’s Commercial Manager of Partnerships, John Williams, commented:

“Congratulations to Smith Brothers on winning the Shooting Stars Award. It’s always pleasing to see a local business doing so well and thriving in the community. Smith Brothers has had an exceptional year – long may it continue.”