Huddersfield Town and Paul Radcliffe Designs have signed a new commercial partnership agreement.

Based in Huddersfield and operating throughout the UK, Paul – along with his son, Josh who joined the business 10 years’ ago – has built a team with a vast array of experience to bring the perfect kitchens and bedrooms to life based on all levels.

Paul Radcliffe, owner of Paul Radcliffe Designs, is pictured above with HTAFC’s John Williams; he commented:

“We are delighted to be a commercial partner of the Club. I’ve seen how this relationship works with other partners and speaking to John I couldn’t help be a part of it, especially when the Club is ever closer to the 100 partners.”

Commercial Manager, Partnerships, at Huddersfield Town John Williams added:

“I’m thrilled to have come to an agreement with Paul Radcliffe Designs to become part of the ‘Huddersfield Hundred’.

“Paul has built a business that is based on trust, dedication and hard work, with a range of kitchen and bedroom designs on all levels.

“I look forward to working with Paul over the next 12 months.”