Next ‘Shooting Star’ Winner Confirmed Date: 15/05/2015

Briton Engineering has been named the Shooting Star award winner for February 2015, as selected by Huddersfield Town and Lucas Lee and Partners.

Briton Engineering Developments Ltd, from Holmfirth, invented, develop and manufacture the world leading technology and 365 day snowsports solution from its own factory and offices in the Holme Valley.

Briton Engineering Developments are the world leader in design, manufacture and delivery of year round snowsports centres.

The company provides outstanding snowsport experiences through innovative and original concepts incorporating the revolutionary Snowflex® system. The company’s experience is based on continuous investment in research and development and its wide experience from approximately 250 existing international projects so far.

Earlier this year Snowflex® confirmed that it is once again teaming up with Utah Olympic Park to provide the synthetic surface for its slopes whilst they are redesigning their summer jump facilities. They are also in the process of building the first Snowflex® slope in Asia being constructed at Altinoran, Ankara, in Turkey.

Briton’s Director of Business Development, Terry Di Stasi, said:

“Briton Engineering Developments Ltd is honoured and delighted to receive the HTAFC Shooting Star Award presented by Sean Jarvis and Christopher Lee in recognition of our achievements internationally in the urban snowsports market.”

Chris Lee, Managing director of Lucas Lee added:

“I was truly amazed to hear how a SME from Holmfirth have achieved success globally. Their diversification from manufacturing lifts by exploiting a gap in the market with genuine passion to improve a product for the end user is a great story and they are stand-out winners.”

Huddersfield Town Commercial Director, Sean Jarvis commented:

“I’m thrilled to see a local business doing so well on such a global scale. Once we were given a tour of the premises, it only cemented how worthy they are to win the award.

“I’m delighted to present the award and wish them every success.”