Kirklees College partners HTEA Date: 22/08/2013

The Huddersfield Town Enterprise Academy (HTEA) will benefit from the skills and knowledge of club partner Kirklees College throughout the 2013/14 season.

Town’s official education partner will lend its expertise in the realm of employment to help further improve the Club’s premiere business networking event throughout the new season.

Huddersfield Town’s Commercial Director Sean Jarvis met Kirklees College Principal Peter McCann at Kirklees College’s new Huddersfield Centre, Waterfront Quarter, where the first seasonal meeting of the HTEA will take place on 25 September.

Peter McCann, principal at Kirklees College, said:

“We’ve been the official education partner of Huddersfield Town for the last three years and this year we’re thrilled to be the official partner of the Huddersfield Town Enterprise Academy. We’re constantly striving to find new ways of working closely with employers, so that we can help to provide the training and qualifications required to deliver employment ready candidates.

“Apprenticeships have grown by 300 per cent in the last two years at Kirklees College, which shows how much our local businesses are depending on us to deliver and also, that we’re getting it right. We want to keep this focus on apprenticeships and partnership and I know that with the attractive package that the Huddersfield Town Enterprise Academy offers business people, we can continue to increase the number of young adults and employers taking the apprenticeship route with us.

“It’s always been a pleasure working with everyone involved at Huddersfield Town and we’re looking forward to welcoming the first academy meeting to our fantastic new building in September.”

Huddersfield Town’s Commercial Director Sean Jarvis added:

“The Huddersfield Town Enterprise Academy has been growing and improving since its inception. Last season we had almost 400 business leaders and decision makers attend the HTEA meetings, combined with a growing and burgeoning LinkedIn discussion group for exchange of best practise outside the meetings.

“We believe Kirklees College’s involvement will take it to the next level. Kirklees College has vast knowledge in the area of employment; they are predicted a similar pass rate to the 96% achieved in the 2011/12 academic year and have placed over 1,500 apprentices and can help attendees with their businesses.

“The Kirklees College staff also possesses genuine vocational expertise and we’re delighted the first HTEA meeting of the season will take place at its fantastic new Huddersfield centre.”

The first HTEA meeting will take place at Waterfront Quarter on 25 September between noon and 2.30pm, with an opportunity to tour the building after the networking event.

You can book your place for the meeting online now – click HERE!