Huddersfield Town Chairman Dean Hoyle and Head of Television at Syco TV Siobhan Greene discussed highlights in their careers and gave advice at the latest Huddersfield Town Enterprise Academy (HTEA) event hosted by Kirklees College.

The Huddersfield Town Enterprise Academy, held in association with Kirklees College, met for the third time in the 2017/18 season on Thursday 26 April 2018 to discuss inspirational people who have come out of Huddersfield.

The event themed ‘Huddersfield Heroes’ took place at Kirklees College’s Landing 72 Restaurant and saw over 80 people thoroughly engaged and inspired by what the key note speakers had to say.

Whilst the networking began at between 8am, the guests also indulged in a breakfast served by the College’s students.

Huddersfield Town’s Commercial Director Sean Jarvis kicked off the event, where special guests Dean Hoyle and Siobhan Greene discussed their career paths, whilst sharing some great and fascinating memories with the local business people.

Not only that, but the pair also discussed their typical day at work and gave advice to everyone in the room.

Dean, who was an apprentice at DABTAC (which is now Kirklees College), went on to discuss the similarities between football and business, whilst explaining that in all walks of life you have to make difficult decisions.

Town’s Chairman also explained how the team’s success benefits the local community: “Life in the Premier League is wonderful. It’s watched by millions of people, that is fantastic for Huddersfield as a town.”

Whilst, Siobhan, who also did typing at Huddersfield Tech (Kirklees College), urged the business people to the believe in themselves and to create their own luck, stating:

“Every moment in your life is the chance to have a hit tv show or score the winning goal if that’s what you want it to be.

“My dad said to me that the magic is with you. You bring yourself your own luck. You have to believe the magic is with you and believe in life that you will have success, great times and just be you!”

The HTEA events runs quarterly with the next scheduled to take place at the end of June or early July, details to be confirmed shortly.

Huddersfield Town’s Commercial Manager for Hospitality, Tracy Nelson commented:

“I have to say this morning’s HTEA event was one of the most fascinating and thought provoking I’ve attended.

“I’m sure a number of people will have walked about with a valuable insight into both Dean Hoyle and Siobhan Greene’s business life and will have taken all their advice on board.

“They are both truly inspiring people to come out of Huddersfield and I would like to thank both our Chairman Dean Hoyle and Siobhan Greene for attending.”

Lydia Butterworth, Head of Sales and Marketing at Kirklees College added:

“As someone who is Huddersfield born and bred, I’m immensely proud of our town and the accomplishments of its residents.

“It was fascinating to hear from our alumni: Dean and Siobhan who were informative and entertaining in equal measures.”

HTEA events are ran in conjunction with Kirklees College, which is a top of the league in West Yorkshire when it comes to courses for 16 to 18 year olds in further education colleges in the Government’s recently published National Achievement Rate Tables for 2015/16. The college’s achievement rate was 83.3 per cent – the highest figure of the further education colleges in this area and higher than the national average of 79.1 per cent.