Over 80 people from companies around the region attended the Huddersfield Town Enterprise Academy’s Breakfast with Andrew Gale.

The newly appointed Yorkshire County Cricket Head Coach spoke about how leadership in business and sport is very similar in a speech that seemed to inspire the delegates who attended the event at Kirklees College.

Gale was on stage speaking to the audience with Huddersfield Town’s Commercial Director Sean Jarvis, who presented the event, for approximately 45 minutes.

As expected Gale spoke about his new role as Head Coach and his plans for Yorkshire County Cricket Club with regards to the how he will change the role of the Captain at the Club.

The 32 year-old said: “I’m keen to let the captain be the captain. Make him comfortable to make the key decisions.”

He went on to discuss how business and sport is similar when you consider leadership and motivational skills. The techniques he used to get the best out of his players and how they can be used by people in business.

“There are similarities in lots of areas. You can learn a lot from people in business,” explained Gale.

“I have learnt a lot from business achievements and I can learn a lot about staff management from the people sat in this room.”

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Senior Commercial Manager for Hospitality at Huddersfield Town, Tracy Nelson commented:

“The breakfast with Andrew Gale gave us all a real insight on how skills you learn in sport can help you in business.

“To have over 80 people at the event was superb and the feedback we have received about the breakfast has been really positive.

“We will be holding more events in the future so make sure you follow @htafcBusiness on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss out.”