Felix the Cat, Senior Pest Controller, at Huddersfield Railway Station wins latest Shooting Stars Award.

Felix first arrived at Huddersfield Station in 2011 as a kitten and has pretty much rules the roost ever since. In 2015 she was named as our Senior Pest Controller to ensure that our station was clear of any pesky mice that might venture into our grounds.

Once Felix was named Senior Pest Controller at the station, it turned into a media frenzy and she is now not only a national, but an international star and a lot of that is down to her Facebook page which was set up by a commuter who travelled through Huddersfield station.

With the media attention came people bringing Felix and sending Felix treats, which she would never have managed to finish. So, we donated the excess to local animal shelters, so the more unfortunate felines could benefit from Felix’s success.

And with the fame, we had the opportunity to help raise funds for charities which are close to the rail industries heart, like the Samaritans. Through the sale of her calendars, the Felix book, as well as other charitable events we have managed to raise over £100,000 for charity.

Andrew Croughan Group Station Manager at Huddersfield commented:

“To win this award means a lot to all the station staff as it represents the local community. Working at the station and seeing how many people come from all over the country and the world to meet Felix shows not only the power of social media, but how in a way she’s put Huddersfield on the map for something else rather than sporting success. To use that platform to help local and national charities is something that not only TransPennine Express is proud of, but one my team and I take great heart in.”

Chris Lee Managing Director of Lucas Lee said:

“It’s fantastic to see the power social media can have, and for Felix to be the front of that for the Huddersfield Railway Station is fantastic. It was a pleasure to give her and all the team here at the station this award, to raise over £100K for charities is brilliant, and long may it continue.”

Jon MacDonald Partnership Executive at Huddersfield Town added:

“To raise over £100K for charities is no mean feat and all via social media, from an account set up by a passenger that uses the train station is incredible. Long may Felix and her new apprentice Bolt continue to raise funds for local charities and promote Huddersfield.”