Local business people delved into the minds of PR experts at the latest Huddersfield Town Enterprise Academy (HTEA) event hosted by Kirklees College.

The Huddersfield Town Enterprise Academy, held in association with Kirklees College, met for the second time in the 2017/18 season on Thursday 15 February 2018 to discuss how businesses can effectively use PR and Marketing to maximise their potentials.

The event themed ‘Pitch Perfect PR’ took place at Kirklees College’s Landing 72 Restaurant and saw around 75 people thoroughly engaged with what the key note speakers had to say.

Whilst the networking began at between 8am, the guests also indulged in a breakfast served by the College’s students.

Huddersfield Town’s Commercial Manager for Partnerships John Williams then took to the stage and started the event where panellists Andy Bounds (North of England correspondent for the Financial Times), Alison Puente (Partner and Director at Finn), David Threlfall-Sykes (Head of Marketing and Communication at Huddersfield Town) and Katrina Cliffe (founder of Huddersfield based marketing and PR agency, KC Communications) explained how they first got into the industry.

The panellists then went on to discuss various topics, starting with Alison Puente who discussed how the industry is constantly developed, stating: “The media is changing hugely; the traditional media was everything but now more money is being put into social media and online.”

She went on to explain how she has had to adapt to new technology in the industry, whilst explaining how that has changed the landscape of PR and getting businesses/stories noticed.

Katrina Cliffe then began to discuss how businesses could get the best publicity out of the press and how you couldn’t send the same story/line to different newspapers.

To do so she stressed how businesses need to be open with the PR agencies to get the best possible publicity.
She went on to say: “We can’t get you in the press, if we don’t know what’s going on in your business. Be clear of your objectives and what you want to achieve before you try to approach the media or send out PR.”

Huddersfield Town’s Head of Marketing and Communications David Threlfall-Sykes discussed how his role has changed since promotion to the Premier League.

David went into detail on what has changed during his time with the Terriers and discussed what the Club’s new marketing strategy is to increase the Club’s fanbase.

“We’re proud of the engagement we’re getting on our social media. We’re second in the league to Manchester United,” commented Town’s Head of Marketing and Communications when explaining what he classes as important in terms of social media activity.

The Northern Correspondent for the Financial Times Andy Bounds was also on the panel and he gave a different spin on the discussions explaining things from a journalistic point of view.

He went on to discuss Brexit, the Northern Powerhouse and revealed how he keeps in touch with breaking news in this day and age admitting: “The best way I keep on top of news is through Twitter. If there’s some breaking news people tweet it out and then there’s a chance of me and more people seeing it.”

The HTEA events runs quarterly with the next scheduled for around the end of the season.

HTEA events are ran in conjunction with Kirklees College, which is a top of the league in West Yorkshire when it comes to courses for 16 to 18 year olds in further education colleges in the Government’s recently published National Achievement Rate Tables for 2015/16. The college’s achievement rate was 83.3 per cent – the highest figure of the further education colleges in this area and higher than the national average of 79.1 per cent.

Huddersfield Town’s Commercial Manager for Hospitality, Tracy Nelson commented:

“We’ve all come away from this morning’s event learning a lot more, understanding the powers of PR and how it can help a business.

“I have to say it was great to see so many Club Partners attend once again, it’s a great way for them to network and get into the minds of our panellists; we saw clients approaching the panellists about work straight after the event!

“I would like to thank our panellists, Andrew, David, Katrina and Allison for an incredibly insightful talk. I’m sure everyone has taken their advice and information on board.”