Dale Carnegie’s inspiring Team Talk Date: 28/02/2013
Club partner Dale Carnegie held its first ‘Team Talk’ session last week – in Town’s changing room!
Huddersfield Town has joined forces with the Club Partner to inspire business leaders looking to boost their leadership skills and improve their team’s success.
The first two-hour session took place in the Terriers’ changing room at the Stadium on Wednesday, with 16 business delegates taking part.
Huddersfield Town’s Ajin Abraham was delighted with the inaugural ‘Team Talk’ session:
“This meeting was the first of its kind for Dale Carnegie and we’re delighted that the attendees were decision makers in their respective businesses; around 60% of the delegates were Managing Directors.
“We’re going to take the feedback from attendees and the experienced staff at Dale Carnegie to work on a second session in the future, which we’re already looking forward to.”
Juliette Dennett, Mirfield-based managing director of Dale Carnegie Northern England, added:
“During the session we looked at how to become a leader others want to follow by giving attendees a range of tools and techniques which will maximise colleagues’ productivity and performance.”
Dale Carnegie, founded in 1912, has been associated with the Terriers since 2006 before becoming an official partner in the run-up to the 2010/11 season.
Alison France, Managing Director of Sanderson Associates had this to say of the session:  “Excellent – I really enjoyed it.  It was very interesting to see how we all have the same issues.” Paul Rackstraw, Managing Director, Norguard commented  “The Business Team Talk was very enjoyable. It was good to share best practice with others.”
If you would like more information on Dale Carnegie training, please contact Linda Parkes on linda.parkes@dalecarnegie.com or call 0845 6582288.