Huddersfield Town’s Club Partners enjoyed a special Track Day held at Croft Circuit, in association with Lucas Lee & Partners on Thursday 24 May 2018.

Members of the Huddersfield Hundred were invited to take part in Town’s VIP Track Day, which was packed with fun and fast-paced racing.

The Partners were able to rally their own cars around the track and really get their thrill senses going throughout the day, recording their personal best lap times.

Club Partners Fired Up, Abzorb, Heineken, Magic Rock, Revell Ward, Louise Woollard and GTI Centre all raced around the track.

The GTI Centre also supplied a Porsche to Town’s Commercial Director Sean Jarvis to test as he went around the Croft Circuit.

This is another benefit of being part of the Huddersfield Hundred, if you’re interested please email Town’s Commercial Manager for Partnerships John Williams on

Town’s Commercial Director Sean Jarvis:

“I have to say the Track Day was absolutely fantastic and an experience that every Club Partner thoroughly enjoyed.

“It was another fine example of how the Huddersfield Hundred and Club Partners can meet in a more relaxed setting, get to know each other and network.

“I’d like to personally thank GTI Centre for providing me with a Porsche to use on the day; it certainly made it a lot more thrilling!”

Chris Lee, Managing Director of Lucas Lee & Partners, commented:

“I would like to thank Jon MacDonald, Sean Jarvis and everyone in the commercial team at Huddersfield Town for putting together such a fantastic day.

“We thoroughly enjoyed it and you could tell that other Club Partners felt the same.

“It’s great to meet other Partners outside of a work-based environment, to chat, network and get to know each other better; that’s always how the best deals and relationships come about.”