Huddersfield Town’s Academy players were given advice that’ll last a lifetime from Club Partner Louise Woollard on how to keep on top of their finances.

The Young Terriers took part in an hour-long workshop with Louise Woollard Financial, which saw them drawing up budgeting plans and learning about the importance of financial plans.

Club Partner Louise Woollard told why she thinks it’s beneficial for the young players to get to grips with their finances early on.

“I think that managing your finances is a fundamental skill that’s so important to anybody – let alone a footballer who might earn a lot of money!

“I think for anybody starting out in a career having a sound financial plan and a budget is essential.

“You could tell by the engagement in the room the lads really enjoyed it and it was thought provoking.”

Louise went on to explain that budgeting and keeping on top of your finances are essential skills throughout your entire life.

“I think that if you start with all the right ideas and you start saving early, those are fundamental skills that you carry on throughout your career.

“If you spend every penny that you’ve got coming in it’s hard to get out of that habit. Forming habits early on, no matter what those habits are in relation to, are really important.”

She was also quick to emphasise that it’s not just the players that will benefit from these kinds of workshops, but also her partnership with the club.

“I really care about people’s finances and this is a way for me to give back to the local community.

“I’m working closely with the Town Foundation to give some financial education to younger children.

“It’s something that I feel really strongly about, and I think my relationship with the Football Club is strong from a business and a personal perspective.

“It’s about investing in young people and the Football Club that I love, and it enables me to do both of those things.

“This is definitely an area where I think I can add value and so I’ll continue to do that.”

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