Businesses Learn About Buying Power Date: 25/02/2014

Over 200 people from local companies attended the latest Huddersfield Town Enterprise Academy (HTEA) event at Kirklees College.

With the event titled ‘Buy Kirklees’, the event gave businesses the chance to network with fellow local business people and hear from an experienced, well connected and knowledgeable panel. The focus of the event looked at how Public and Private sectors can make procurement more accessible and offered advice on how local businesses can directly get involved.

Senior Commercial Manager of Huddersfield Town Tracy Nelson commented:

“Our HTEA events continue to grow in stature and in attendance and we were delighted that so many businesses supported this event. The initial feedback we received was excellent and we will continue to work with the local business community to put on future events and discussions around topics that will appeal to them and genuinely can help their business move forward. I’d also like to thank Kirklees College for their support in running the event.”

Kirklees College’s Commercial Manager Jason Taylor commented:

“I was personally delighted to see so many local organisations supporting this Huddersfield Town Enterprise Academy event in association with Kirklees College. The panel gave a true and honest insight into procurement in Kirklees, and offered the watching organisations some clear goals and actions on how they can get involved with some of the leading bodies in Kirklees.”

The HTEA panel consisted of John Thompson from The University of Huddersfield, Nichola Cooke of Kirklees Council, Chris Chambers of Spring, Stuart Stocks of Barclays and Jason Taylor from Kirklees College.

John Thompson, Head of Procurement at the University of Huddersfield commented:

“I think this event has been very good because in our day to day jobs we don’t get chance to meet so many people at one time. It gives us the chance to have a look at some new possibilities and perhaps forge some lifelong partnerships with local businesses. It’s important that we give people the right tools so they can expand their businesses, bring employment and make this a prosperous region. This event has been about meeting local businesses and giving them opportunities with the University to have a look at us both as a potential supplier to the University and also as a recipient of business advice.”

Nichola Cooke, Procurement Strategy and Advice Manager at Kirklees Council commented:

“The event has been really successful and I’m glad that we attended. The Council is open for business and there are opportunities out there for local businesses to get contracts with the Council. The event has been important to us as we want to do a lot more work with our local businesses and small and medium sized enterprises. This is a great way for us to get out and talk to people.”

Chris Chambers of Spring commented:

“The Kirklees area is an important area to Spring as a lot of our supply chain comes from the area. It was fantastic to see so many local businesses at the event. This is what makes the difference and it’s a key part of growing business. The more that companies interact, the more we talk and work together and the more money stays in the area. The turnout shows the spirit of the Kirklees area and what people are trying to achieve. It doesn’t matter how the economy is at present, it’s still a very difficult trading time and we’ve explained why it’s important to support everyone else and bring positive things to the discussion.”

Barclays Business Manager Stuart Stocks commented:

“It’s been a really enjoyable day and great to meet so many people from so many backgrounds and different businesses. It’s been great to meet the local people in the community and explain how we’re helping people to buy local. The “Buying Kirklees” message is fundamental in that it helps the local economy, helps with job creation and will naturally bring more money into the local community which will help and support everyone.”

The event concluded with Tom Attah presenting around how Microsoft can help businesses to connect.

Tom commented:

“Today has been encouraging as it demonstrates there is an active business community in the area. Businesses want to partner with other businesses and it’s great to see it taking place in Huddersfield.”

For further details of HTEA events, contact Tracy Nelson on 01484 484141 or e-mail